August 16, 2009

Loved Pittsburgh!

Our mini vacation to Pittsburgh went by too quick! I so wish we could've stayed a few more days.. or weeks! Braydon and I both loved the city- and the drive there and back was beautiful too. Gorgeous hillsides, rivers and bridges- don't get that kind of scenery in central Illinois!

Here are a few photos we took..

This one's kinda hard to see, but it's Braydon and Rick atop one of the tallest hills on the south side of Pittsburgh, overlooking the city. Gorgeous view!

We visited the Carnegie Science Center, a real treat for Braydon. Here are a few of him with his Star Wars friends.We also ate at alot of interesting restaurants. Here is Braydon (and the server) at Pittsburgh's famous Primanti Brothers.And again at Double Wide Grill , a cool diner that use to be an old Texaco Station.

Braydon and his Auntie Sarah took a ride in a pedicab, he loved it and wanted to ride in it all day! But it's a cab service, Braydon, not an amusement ride! lol

Auntie Jodi had been telling Braydon about "Chocolate Celebrations and The Milkshake Factory" that's just a block from her apartment. Braydon wanted to go so badly. But as a diabetic.. he could only drool....
But.. we all agreed on some yummy ice cream cones while we were there so Braydon was happy after all.

Well we're back home in Illinois now, but we're very happy to have experienced a tiny portion of what Pittsburgh had to offer. We plan on going back in early '10 if weather allows. It was great to get away and have some good family fun.


  1. Great pictures Abbs! It looks like you guys had an awesome time. :)
    - April

  2. Very nice Abby. Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Great pictures! I love the view from the top of the hill... all those city lights! :)