About Me

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

My name is Tabitha, friends nicknamed me Abby many years ago. I live in central Illinois with my husband, our 3 children (my son, stepdaughter and stepson) and 2 pets. 

For most of my adult life I've worked with our local school district; first as a pre-school paraprofessional, then as a substitute for all 5 schools in the district. In 2013 when I married, my career took a turn to pizza! I resigned from the school and joined the fast food world. My husband, Joel, and I own 5 Domino's Pizza restaurants and these businesses keep us very busy. 

I have been the artsy type since I was a young girl. It started with crayons, then with pencil and paper. I won many awards in elementary and high school for my drawings. Then I dabbled in painting and also crocheted for awhile as a teen. Years later, I discovered scrapbooking and was instantly hooked! A few years ago, I began making cards also.

I tend to create projects that are fun, bright and colorful. I LOVE color! Most of my projects include my son so my stash is mostly boy related. But I do like to switch gears and make girlie things every so often... cards and an occasional layout of myself or my 3 sisters.

In the past I've been fortunate to be a part of several GREAT design teams, they were such rewarding experiences. However, currently my busy schedule allows me only a limited amount of time to create. I so look forward to when I can play, I love this hobby :)  

Thanks for taking the time to read about me. I hope my blog and my crafts might inspire you as I've been inspired by so many of you!