March 24, 2013

I'm back! :)

So I had to dust a bunch of cobwebs and freshen up the place a little bit.. but it's good to be back in my blog home again. Seven to eight months ago, my time online greatly decreased.. then a few months later, I kinda fell off the edge of the scrapbooking scene altogether. I wouldn't doubt if some of you thought I croaked or something. Well, I didn't.. I'm alive, well and could not be happier!! :) 

Here are a few things I did within those 7-8 months, I...

Lost 50 lbs :)

Met and started dating a kind, super sweet and handsome hunk.. Joel :)

Walked about 4 miles almost every day with Joel during summer and fall

Fell in love with above handsome hunk.... *happy sigh*

Started working a 2nd job to make some extra $$$ for Christmas

Accepted Joel's marriage proposal in November *happy sigh*

Bought this house, isn't it pretty!?

Moved two households into one

Started attending church regularly again

Celebrated Christmas

Planned a small intimate wedding for Joel and I

Chose designs and purchased furnishings for the new house

Painted the house

Made curtains for the house

Became Mrs. Joel Beard on Jan 12th! We're so happy :) :)

I inherited a 19y/o stepson, 17y/o stepdaughter and two more family dogs

As his wife, I became co-owner of Joel's successful businesses

I was a bridesmaid in my younger sister's huge wedding in Chicago in February

Worked hard to finally pay off my car

Joel and I recently traveled to northern Wisconsin to attend my grandmother's funeral where he also officiated the service

And lastly.. I organized a surprise party for Joel's 44th birthday last week, inviting all of our closest friends and family. The house was packed! Joel once told me he's never had parties for his bday, just dinner out. Well this girl has always made sure that everyone in my family has a celebrated birthday so Joel got a big surprise

A lot has happened since I disappeared several months ago! Busy busy busy.
Time has zoomed by so fast with all the events, I've barely had time to blink.
But most importantly,
I'm thee happiest gal on the planet. 
Joel is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Not only are we crazy in love, we are each other's best friend.
I thank God for him every day.
True story.

Now that house hunting, 2 weddings, a funeral, moving 2 houses, house painting/decorating, the big holidays and everything else are behind me.. I can now once again focus on the fun stuff.. papercrafts!

And in the new house, I have my own scrap room!! When we were house hunting months ago, one of JOEL'S top criteria was that the house we chose had to have a room just for me and my crafts. *happy sigh* I love this man :) Side note: It's kinda funny that my last and previous post featured my tiny scrap area in my old small apartment lol. I can't wait to take photos and share my new room!

Anyway.. so I'm just itchin to get started with scissors and paper! I have missed scrapbooking and cardmaking sooo much!! I haven't made a single thing since November! I'm looking forward to posting projects on my blog again, hopefully later this week, and I hope that you'll visit me again.

I've really missed crafting, blogging and admiring other scrapper's work. 
I'm sooooo glad to be back!! :)


  1. BUSY BUSY BUSY and all such great and happy reasons. Can't wait to see what you make again and also to see pictures of your new and big scrap place. I loved how organized you had your spot at your apt. so now anxious to see what you do with a whole room.

  2. Welcome back get busy.....I want to see your work again.

  3. You have had a lot of changes in your life! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your crafts! :)

  4. Wowzers!!!! So many good things happening for you! I am so glad you found someone who makes you happy :) I am looking forward to seeing your creations again.

  5. Oh Abby! So happy to read this post! So happy for all the awesome changes that came in your life! They are a very good reason for disappearing from blog land! Cannot wait to see your scrappy projects! Hugs! :)

  6. Wow! Yay! Congratulations! Wow so many accomplishments as well as sweet dreams that has come true!

  7. Welcome back, Abby! I am so happy for you!!! You deserve every amount of happiness in the world, and I can't WAIT to see your creations again!

  8. Welcome back to blog world. I love that you included started back to church regularly. What a vivid picture your "new and improved" life paints of our awesome loving God. Congratulations!!

  9. So glad you are back. Congrats on all the awesome good things. Sorry about your grandmother. Can't wait to see your projects again. You were missed.

  10. Oh my Abby!!! So many good things, no wonder you were not blogging! I'm so gald you find such a wonderful man and he makes you happy, <3
    And now, to the point, go put your hands opn some paper for God's sake! Big hugs!!

  11. Welcome Bach Abby, you were missed! so glad to hear so many wonderful things happened for you in the last several months!

  12. Welcome back to blogland, Abby! Congratulations on all of your happy news!! Looking forward to seeing your work again :-)

  13. Wow, girl you've had an amazing year! So glad to see you happy and doing well...huge congrats!

  14. Abby, I am sooooo happy for you!! So glad to see things are going great for you. Can't wait to see crafty projects from you again and see your craft space! :-)

  15. WB to the blog. No wonder you haven't been around you have been very very busy. I'm glad everything is going so well for you.

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