June 28, 2012

Imaginisce Tool Extravaganza!

June has been a Tool Extravaganza all month long. On the Imaginisce blog, we've shared projects using the great Imaginisce tools and gadgets :)

For my projects, I chose to use the i-bond..

As soon as I received the i-bond, I was in love. Not only is it super comfortable in my hand, but also cordless. Yes, please!

I made a votive and used the i-bond to create a swirly design. I found a drinking glass at a rummage sale for 10 cents, then used my i-rock template and a marker to stencil the design on the glass. I then followed the dots with my i-bond.

After the glue cooled, I spray painted the entire glass. You could surely add ribbons and such if you prefer, but I chose to go clean and simple. I've tested my candle for a couple hours and the glue will not melt as the candle is burning. Score! :)
Supplies- Imaginisce: i-bond, i-bond glue sticks, i-rock stencil kit. Other- Spray paint, glass, marker.

I also made a fun headband created with globs of glue! I used the i-bond and Imaginisce glitter glue sticks (love those!) to make round shapes onto wax paper. They almost look like little gems or stones. So sparkly!

Then I used the i-bond to adhere them onto an Imaginisce i-top headband. I love how this turned out! It's simple to create, yet super cute!

Supplies- Imaginisce: i-bond, i-bond glitter glue sticks, i-top twist headband. Other- waxed paper

Thanks for joining me today!

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