December 22, 2011

so happy for you - Artful Delight

Today I'm sharing another card I created with the Artful Delight December card kit. The card kit is now sold out (Yay!) but there are a couple scrapbook kits left which include the same as the card kit, just on a bigger scale and a few more items added. Hurry to purchase here before they're sold out, too! :)

So here's my card...

I really love how it turned out. This card design was inspired by a card from Kristina Werner that she created last year. I love Kristina's cards, I get a lot of inspiration from her blog (if you haven't noticed already! lol) 

Is everyone ready for Christmas!?!? I am! Well sorta.
All of my shopping, decorating and planning is finished. But this is the first year in probably 15 years that I didn't send out any Christmas cards. *GASP* Not even any store bought ones. December went by so fast and I lost track of time and then it just became too late to send any out. Maybe I'll send out some Happy New Year cards instead lol. I feel so bad about forgetting, I'm sure my family is probably thinking I must be ill or something. lol Nope! Just got busy and forgot. I'm human. :)

Hope you all are enjoying your week. Only a few days left till Santa comes! Yay!

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