July 10, 2011

It's the lil' things - Artful Delight

Happy Sunday! It's a happy day in our home today, also quite a busy one. My son, Braydon, leaves today for his 2nd summer at diabetes camp - Camp Granada! (hello mudda, hello fadda lol) Last summer was his first and he LOVED it! I was amazed at all the things they taught Braydon about his type1 diabetes. When he came home, he could draw up insulin into the syringe and give himself his own shot. Wow! We have since gotten an insulin pump for him (no more shots- yay!) and I'm hoping they teach him how to better understand how it works, how to operate it etc. 

Braydon's really excited about going back to camp this week! I, however, am a nervous wreck running around the house making sure he has everything he's going to need until Friday when he comes home. He will only be at camp for 5 1/2 days, but they request he has enough clothes and supplies for 10 days. That's understandable, but yikes! That's alot to pack! 

I know he'll have a fantastic time - swimming, canoeing, exploring, creating, learning (I HOPE he'll take lots of pictures for me!!)....but I'm going to miss him somethin awful and of course, I'll worry every minute he's gone. Last year he sprained his ankle at camp and also was ate up by mosquitoes and spiders horribly!! That poor boy had at least 50 bug bites up and down his body. :( This year, I'm making sure to guard him better. I picked up one of those OFF fan clip-ons with several refills as well as ankle and wrist repellent bands and of course, a big can of OFF spray. I don't know what else I could do aside from wrapping him in bubble wrap lol. YES, I've thought about it!! lol I'm one of THOSE moms lol :)

Anyway, so that's what we're doing today. :) But what I did the other day was create a layout! :)

Of course, I used the fabulous Artful Delight July kit! There's only a couple left, so hurry to the site if you want to pick one up for yourself!

I followed this sketch at Sketch Inspirations.. Isn't it fun? I LOVE Trisha's sketches :)

And here's my interpretation which features my nephew, Drake, and his new friend, Turtle.

Those are just the cutest pics, I had so much fun with this layout. I also created a couple cards using Artful Delight's July kit, too.. but I'll share those with you a little later this week.

It's going to be bittersweet this week with Braydon at camp. I'm gonna miss him terribly.. BUT, it'll be kinda nice too as I'm hoping to use this time to get some projects made with new paper collections and stamps I've purchased recently. Wish me luck! :)

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