July 13, 2011

Celebrate - Artful Delight

Today I'm sharing another card I made using Artful Delight's July kit :) I really love the fun patterns in this kit and for some reason I keep wanting to make stars! I'm not sure why lol.. But as my friend Suzanne says often.. "Just go with it!" :)

Yesterday was a kid-free day, Braydon is at camp until Friday and I didn't have to babysit. I thought - Yay! Great time for some projects! Right? :) Ummm.. well.. I started to put together a layout and it just wasn't turning out like I wanted it to. So I gave the layout a break and decided to make a card. Well.. that didn't turn out right either. I don't know what happened. I had total peace and all day to create, and it just wasn't happening. I think it's because I'm not comfy with the peace LOL Normally when I craft, my home is loud and busy. I think that was my problem.. I can't create without chaos. Weird, huh? lol
Well, I babysit today. My 2yr old nephew will be here all day long chasing my pets and tearing through my home like a tornado. So maybe I'll be able to craft today! :) I hope so!

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  1. CUTE CUTE card! Love the design, the colors and the doodling! I'm the same way! I had Sunday free of kids and I ended up doing housework as I couldn't get my mojo flowing! I think its more your body shuts down cause it know it can!

  2. This card is fantastic! I stopped by to see where that bold celebrate stamp came from! I know what you mean with the chaos. I don't know how to work if there isn't a background chorus of screaming, crying, and things bouncing off the walls :)