May 31, 2011

Busy busy busy

Today will be one of those days where I wish the day was 50 hours long.

I have to spend a few hours at the laundromat - that should be fun. My clothes dryer's heating element went out a couple weeks ago and I've been taking my clean wet clothes to my sister's house to dry - but today there's just too much.. clothes, towels, sheets. I'd much rather put it all in 4-5 dryers at the same time at the laundromat and be done in 2hours, than have to wait for one-after-one at her house.

Sometime this morning I have to stop by my bank and fill out some forms - I lost my debit card and am ordering a new one. Not sure if I lost it while out shopping or here at home. I spent the entire weekend looking everywhere for it! Everywhere! Nope. No luck. I'll almost bet that my nephew saw it on the counter and threw it in the trash. He's always throwing stuff away.. dishes, TV remotes, DVDs, photos, socks .. anything he can get his hands on, besides actual rubbish, of course. I found my favorite bra in the trash last month, now with a lovely spaghetti sauce stain on the cup. ~sigh~

Anyway, then I'm meeting Braydon for lunch at his school, we always enjoy that :) Then after, I have a bunch of errands to run - have to order a cake for Braydon's birthday party next week, also buy party invitations (I'm not making them this year! lol) and some groceries.

All this has to be done by 2:00, because Braydon and I have an appointment at the Jr. High School (new school where he'll be going next year for 6th grade) for a private tour with the principal and new teachers. Braydon has mild aspergers autism and his current teacher felt it would make the transition to 6th alot easier if he had a tour and knows what to expect. Nice idea :)

Filled Day!
I bet get goin and get to it!

But first I wanted to share a few cards I made using Artful Delight's May kit! They're pretty simple - but the bright colors make them so cute and fun! :)

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  1. FABOO cards! So bright and cheery! Love the designs too! Good luck getting all your to-dos done. I hope the tour of the school goes well. I had to giggle about the 'throwing away' story. My daughter is that way. We had to train ourselves to look in the trash every time we tossed something in there so we could spot something if she had thrown anything away!

  2. Amazing cards, so colorful! I love 'em! Thumbs up!!