December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010 - Welcome 2011!

Another year flashes by us so quickly- I've learned as I've gotten older, you really can't blink or you miss so much. 2010 has been a good year for my family, so many happy events. I'd be here all day recalling all of them, but a few that are most important to me are:

-- My son, Braydon (11), continues to do well in school. He struggled for so many years and once he was placed with a wonderful teacher that understands his learning disabilities- he soared. His report cards have never looked so great, he actually likes going to school and I'm so very proud.

-- After a few years of coping with giving Braydon 5-6 insulin shots everyday, he finally received his insulin pump to manage his type1 diabetes. We are sooo much happier, less stressed and his blood sugar levels have been sooo much better! I am so thankful for that little machine. It's truly a life saver.

-- We visited my sister, Jodi, in Pittsburgh over the summer. Jodi and I are very close and it hurts my heart that she's so far away. But that makes our yearly visits all the sweeter. I miss you and love you, Jodi!!

-- My stepson, Zach (26), and his longtime girlfriend Sarah married in Vegas in October. Zach, Braydon and I have all become even closer in our hearts since their father passed away 4 years ago. I'm so very proud of the man Zach has become and he amazes me everyday with his love for his little brother. Sarah is a beautiful, smart and caring woman and I'm so happy for them as they start their new marriage. Maybe I'll be a grandma someday soon? lol

-- With Sarah, we welcomed another new family member in 2010. We rescued the cutest little beagle/basset pup, Cooper, in October. He's so adorable, loving, sweet, big wet kisser and the best cuddler. I'll try not to mention though, that he's already chewed up my digital camera cables, a PS2 cable cord and my only cell phone charger. Ooops - did I say all that out loud? ;)

-- I decided several months ago to be more aggressive with with my weight loss goals and have since lost 22 pounds. I've slacked off quite a bit these past few holiday months, but am getting right back on track now that they're over. We gifted ourselves a Wii this Christmas with Fit Plus and I'm determined to get the weight off and live a much healthier life. I'm re-focused and I know I'm going to be a successful in 2011. No doubt about it!

-- I really feel that I have grown as a scrapbooker in 2010. I stepped out of my little box and tried new techniques and styles. I started sharing my projects with the world via this blog and really put myself out there- something I was too nervous to do before. I was fortunate to be accepted into 2 design teams, Party Time Tuesdays and Cardabilities. I've created over 50 layouts and so many cards it's hard to keep track - possibly 200+.

-- My bestie, Suzanne, and I created The Paper Variety.. a super fun and inspiring scrapbooking challenge site. It has been such a JOY for me to challenge others, inspire others, and meet so very many awesomely talented paper crafters. We've so many fantastic challenges and events coming up for TPV in 2011, I'm so excited to be a part of it and hope that you all will join us :)

2011 is going to be an awesome year, I just know it!

And I have alot planned for my blog as well. I'll be sharing alot more layouts, cards, TPV challenges, blog hops, videos and giveaways. I thank all of you for following me in 2010 - all of your visits and comments are so appreciated. I hope you'll join me again in 2011 :)

Happy New Year!

Well wishes,



  1. Abbs, this seems like some perfect journaling for a layout to me girl!! ;)
    - April

  2. What a great post Abs! I agree with April this needs to go on a layout girl ;)

  3. Abby: I admire very much your writing style!
    So happy to read that your son is thriving in school and health. So happy to read that you are meeting your goals and family is well!!

    I love your work! Happy 2011! Wishing you only the best! Hugs! Yara

  4. Happy New Year Abby! I hope 2011 is even better than 2010 was for you!