November 11, 2010

I remember, always

My Grandfather, Gordon Mathews, served in WW|| as a
medic/ambulance driver. I think about all the horrible tragedies
he must have seen and experienced. He was such a strong man
with a huge heart. A devoted son, husband, father, brother,
uncle and grandfather. I miss him tremendously.

Since the day he was enlisted, he had kept his Army
identification card in his wallet. This card was tucked away
in his pocket every day of the war, with him while he cared
for countless injured soldiers and the fallen. From the day it
was given to him, it never left his wallet in almost 45 years.

He had 14 grandchildren (6 of them grandsons). A year
before he died, when I was 16, he chose to give it to me.
To now hold something so precious to him - a remembrance
of his courage, bravery and patriotism - means the world to me.
What an honor to have a small tattered card that's been around
the world and has been present with so many of our soldiers.

I'll treasure it forever and one day it will be my son's, a good
young boy who never met/knew his Great-Grandfather,
but will always know of his selflessness.

This is a truly beautiful song by Norah Jones. Please watch
and listen to this short video as we remember our
Veterans today, our American Heros.

(You'll have to first pause my music playlist
at the very bottom of my blog. Thanks!)


  1. Wow! What an honored heirloom Abby. Thanks for sharing a piece of your family history with us today.

  2. Abby, what a treasure to always have of your grandfather and I'm sure Braydon will someday honor it as much as you do.
    Thanks so much for sharing