August 13, 2010

Card 13 & a good day!

Did you all get through this Friday without any bad luck? lol I always wondered what started this infamous superstition. I'm gonna have to look that up and find out.

Today I used WRMK again! This time, the new release "White Christmas". It's really cute. The design inspiration came from Julie Ebersole, a truly talented cardmaker. I love her style, so fresh and clean.

Today was a super happy and proud day! My 11 y/o son, who was diagnosed with type1 juvenile diabetes at age 7, finally got his insulin pump!! He's been on 5 shots a day for 4 years, and we've been trying to get a pump for a long time, but went through alot of red tape with insurance. But he has it now and we could not be happier! It's the best $6,000 I never spent! lol

See you tomorrow! :)


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  1. My DH was dx'd w/Juv Diabetes at age 7 also ... SO glad they've come up with better ways to manage and control the children's sugars these days - that's the key to ward off problems down the road. Good luck w/the pump !