July 2, 2010


I could go on and on with exhausting excuses about why this announcement is so late, but you all have waited long enough. Just know that I'm sorry and if I could've posted sooner, I definitely would have.

First up, the winner of the Basic Grey / Sassafras Lass blog candy! :)Nancy said... Abby, what a great giveaway...I too gave up on the secret letter. I guess my brain is summer mush!! Thanks for putting it together!!

Congrats Nancy!! Yay! :)

Please email me (oceans972 at yahoo dot com) with your full name and address and I'll send your goodies within the next few days.

And now, the winner of the Secret Word game and a $25 gift certificate to The Scrapbooking Cottage! I had alot of fun with this game and I'm learning that many of you did also. Great! Here are photos that reveal where I hid all 7 letters - I, E, N, P, R, S & I.

Unscrambled, they form "INSPIRE"!

I had just 2 correct entries, this really stumped many of you! lol Instead of the random number generator, I put each name on a small piece of paper and put one in each of my fists. Then I asked my son to pick a hand :)

He chose....

My leftie: April Walker!

Congrats April!! I'll be sending you details soon :)

Thanks again to all of you who played along with all of my June blog challenges and giveaways! In a few weeks I'll be posting details about an upcoming blog hop in August. It'll be a lot of fun :) In the meantime, I'll be around, posting occasionally... Especially on Tuesdays! lol

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!!



  1. Whooooohoooooooo!!! Thank you so much Abbs (and Braydon!!!). I'm super exicted!!
    - April

  2. What a fun month on your blog! Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next!

  3. Braydon~! Buddy! Always go "right"! haha. Just kidding - congrats April.