April 27, 2010

So proud

My son Braydon is in 4th grade. Last week he had to complete a project about Illinois for his social studies class. He chose to make a clay model diorama featuring Abe Lincoln when he was a lawyer in Springfield, IL. Braydon received a ribbon for best of his class! Woot!

This week, he had to complete an experiment for the Science Fair. His experiment was "How can you slow the browning of an apple?" Whew! Easy peasy!

The Science Fair was Tuesday night. The school had set up the gymnasium to display all of the science experiments as well as last week's social studies state projects, too. Two 4th grade classes involved, over 40 students total and Braydon won 3rd place for his apple experiment!

I was wowed!! I didn't think, with such a simple experiment, he would win a ribbon.. but his science teacher said that he included all the required fields with great detail while other more complicated experiments did not. Way to go, Braydon! I'm so proud!

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  1. Wow, way to go Braydon!!! I can see why you're so proud Abby...that rocks!
    - April